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All GRE Practice Tests available at WiseSwan are totally free of cost. They covers both Quant and Verbal sections. While some tests focus on a specific topic, others contain questions on various topics from GRE Syllabus. Pick your tests accordingly.

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# Name of Section No. of Questions Time Limit
1 Verbal Reasoning 5 7 minutes
2 Quantitative Reasoning 5 8 minutes
3 Verbal Reasoning 5 7 minutes
4 Quantitative Reasoning 5 8 minutes

After you finish all the sections in this test, your answers would be evaluated and analyzed. You will be able to see your scaled up score and performance statistics.

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WiseSwan provides fully adaptive GRE styled mock tests to all the users. So far 12,236 users have taken the tests. Take a look at the trend. While many have taken the tests, only a few have scored 320 and above. Want to know where are you placed in the chart? Take a test and find out yourself!

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Old Email (332)
Quant: 164 / Verbal: 168
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Rishabh Shukla (324)
Quant: 170 / Verbal: 154
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Angel Kutty (322)
Quant: 154 / Verbal: 168
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Subhrajyoti Senapati (322)
Quant: 167 / Verbal: 155
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Matthew Ahle (322)
Quant: 154 / Verbal: 168

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VedaPraveen Chowdary



Kiran Kumar J

Feeling like real exam, though a practise test ... Good.


Anvit Saxena

This test is nice! Gives you a good practice.


Jalaj Ranjan Pandey

Nice Test. Overall good compilation.


Tarun Kakarla

Very helpful


Prakash Somvanshi




This set was really good.


Prashanth Hedge

Pretty Good


Pradyoth Hegde

I feel that this test was decent. Quant was slightly harder than usual, Verbal was slightly easier.


Santosh Chowdary

Good Test ...


Naveena Nagarethinam

It's like a warm up before attempting the Full Test


Sai Mouli

Good test! Going to give a full one!


Neeraj Kulkarni

Nice Test !!


Shashank Parsi



Chetan K

This is good practice. Go ahead.

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user imageLavanya Tatikonda has scored 308 in Rapid Fire Test > Wiseswan Series > Test 02

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user imageLavanya Tatikonda has scored 310 in Rapid Fire Test > Wiseswan Series > Test 01

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user imageYash Ray has scored 291 in Full Length Test > Wiseswan Series > Test 01

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